Formal Plus Size Dresses

Kenneth White
11 min readApr 8, 2024

Dress up in style without compromising comfort with our selection of formal plus size dresses. In this roundup, we’ve curated a range of elegant designs for women who want to make a statement at their next formal event. From classic ball gowns to modern bodycon dresses, discover the perfect fit for your unique sense of style.

The Top 5 Best Formal Plus Size Dresses

  1. Stylish Plus Size Evening Gown for Formal Events — Experience unparalleled comfort and style with this eye-catching, full-length formal evening prom gown, designed to flatter plus-size women while enhancing any special occasion’s elegance.
  2. Versatile Formal Plus Size Infinity Dress — The 72styles Infinity Dress is a versatile, one-size-fits-all bridesmaid dress that doubles as a formal plus-size dress for any occasion, featuring a soft, breathable fabric and bonus tube top for added comfort and style.
  3. Luxurious Plus Size Purple Maxi Formal Dress with Lantern Sleeves (3XL/18–20) — Experience elegance and comfort with this stunning Xpluswear Plus Size Maxi Dress featuring sheer lace detailing in a captivating purple shade — a must-have for any special event.
  4. Plus Size Formal Gown for Exquisite Events — Stay fabulous in our purple plus size formal gown, featuring an embellished bodice, padded inserts, and a stylish A-line silhouette, perfect for special events or a mother of the bride.
  5. Elegant Plus Size Velvet Midi Dress — Transform your weekend style with the Prettylittlething Plus Size Women’s Black Velvet Underwired Cross Front Midi Dress, a stunning formal dress perfect for any occasion!

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Stylish Plus Size Evening Gown for Formal Events

Stylish Plus Size Evening Gown for Formal Events | Image

This Ever-Pretty plus size gown is a true stunner, designed with every formal event in mind. I wore it to a wedding and it turned heads left and right. The ruffle sleeves and subtle belt at the waist added a touch of elegance, while the round neckline kept it timeless. The green hue was a perfect balance of subtle and striking, creating a romantic vibe. And the shimmering fabric simply added an extra layer of sophistication.

However, the weight of the material was a little deceiving. It looked heavier than it was in reality, but the bonus was that I could breathe comfortably while wearing it. The material was stretchy and it allowed me to move around freely. Some users mentioned concerns about sizing, but in my experience, the dress was true to size. It’s always better to go up a size to ensure a perfect fit. Only one negative comment was about an unfulfilled refund, which was a downer. Overall, this gown was a joy to wear and impressed everyone who saw it — a true plus-size beauty!

Versatile Formal Plus Size Infinity Dress

Versatile Formal Plus Size Infinity Dress | Image

I recently tried on the 72styles Infinity Dress, and I must say it exceeded my expectations! The dress fits perfectly and is incredibly comfortable, thanks to its soft polyester and spandex blend. I loved the way it can be styled in multiple ways, catering to any body type and occasion.

However, I wish there were instructions on how to wrap it for a more consistent look each time. Overall, this dress is a great investment for any formal event.

Luxurious Plus Size Purple Maxi Formal Dress with Lantern Sleeves (3XL/18–20)

Luxurious Plus Size Purple Maxi Formal Dress with Lantern Sleeves (3XL/18-20) | Image

I recently tried the Xpluswear Plus Size Formal Sheer Maxi Dresses Long Sleeve Lace Purple-3XL/18–20. This dress was a game-changer in my formal wardrobe. The knee-length dress with long, Lantern-style sleeves fit like a dream. The Xpluswear is an excellent brand for those who struggle to find formal wear in their size. The dress was comfortable and stylish, with the Xpluswear’s attention to detail and quality.

Although the dress had small elastic bands, these were not uncomfortable and allowed for ease of movement. The pencil skirt silhouette made me feel confident and elegant, and the purple color was a beautiful, versatile choice for any formal event. It’s essential to note, though, that the bandage, split joint, and fold elements might catch on furniture or fabric.

In conclusion, the Xpluswear Plus Size Formal Sheer Maxi Dresses Long Sleeve Lace Purple-3XL/18–20 combines comfort, style, and quality. Though there were minor drawbacks, overall, it proved to be a valuable addition to my wardrobe.

Plus Size Formal Gown for Exquisite Events

Plus Size Formal Gown for Exquisite Events | Image

I recently stumbled upon Formal Dress Shops, a hidden gem in the world of plus-size formal wear. As an individual with a plus-size body, finding stylish and comfortable options for formal events can be quite challenging. That is, until I tried this remarkable piece.

This maxi dress long-sleeve is perfect for any formal occasion, easily transitioning from an elegant evening gown to a chic mother-of-the-bride outfit. The unique combination of intricate embroidery, padded inserts, and a fitted bodice creates a look that is both flattering and eye-catching.

However, in my experience, the size chart provided by Formal Dress Shops could have been more accurate. As someone who usually wears a size XL, I found that the 5XL fit was a bit loose around the waist. A minor adjustment in the size chart would have made the shopping experience even better.

Despite this slight disappointment, I must say I was delighted with the overall quality of the gown. Its luxurious mesh fabric and flattering fit and flare silhouette made me feel like a true queen on the red carpet. If you’re looking for a high-quality formal gown that isn’t afraid to celebrate your curves, Formal Dress Shops may just be the perfect place for you.

Elegant Plus Size Velvet Midi Dress

Elegant Plus Size Velvet Midi Dress | Image

I recently added a touch of elegance to my wardrobe with this Prettylittlething Women’s Plus Black Velvet Underwired Cross Front Midi Dress. The material was a delight, with its velvety texture and chic black color making me feel like a million bucks. The underwired design hugged my curves just right, while the cross-front fit added a playful twist to the formal look.

I wore this dress to a weekend event, pairing it with some barely-there heels and simple accessories, as suggested. Not only did I receive plenty of compliments, but I also felt comfortable and confident in my choice. The dress is a fabulous addition to my collection, perfect for special occasions or for when I want to make a statement.

However, this dress might not be the best choice for everyday wear or for events with lots of movement, considering the velvet material can be a bit restrictive. On the plus side, it’s great for formal plus size dresses and is sure to make an impression at any event.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to dressing formally as a plus-size woman, finding the right fit can be challenging. With the right knowledge and an understanding of the various features to look for in a plus-size formal dress, you can confidently strut your stuff at any event. In this guide, we’ll discuss important considerations and features to look for when choosing formal plus-size dresses.


Fit and Comfort

Finding a dress that fits perfectly and comfortably is essential. Make sure to check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to find your ideal size. Additionally, consider the fabric of the dress, as synthetic materials may feel uncomfortable against your skin. When trying the dress on, ensure it feels snug but not too tight, and allow for ease of movement. A well-fitted dress will enhance your confidence, so take your time to find the perfect one.

Quality and Durability

A high-quality formal dress made from durable materials will maintain its shape and color over time. Look for dresses made from materials such as silk or satin, which are easy to clean and maintain. Reinforcements like boning or stay panels will also help keep the dress upright and enhance your silhouette. Investing in a well-constructed dress ensures that it will last for several occasions.


Design and Styles

The design and style of your formal plus-size dress largely depends on the occasion and your personal preference. Classic styles like the A-line or sheath silhouettes are versatile and timeless. On the other hand, high-neck or low-cut dresses with embellishments or lace detailing offer a touch of elegance and sophistication. A popular trend in formal wear is the mermaid style, which emphasizes curves, while a more conservative fit-and-flare design is flattering for most body shapes. Consider the season and the formality of the event when choosing your dress’s color and style

Maintenance and Care

Proper care and maintenance will keep your formal dress looking beautiful for years to come. Avoid exposing your dress to harsh sunlight, high humidity, and excessive washing, which can damage the fabric. Use a soft brush or sponge to gently remove any dirt or stains. It’s also essential to store your dress in a protective garment bag or padded hangar when not in use. Take care of your formal plus-size dress, and it will take care of you, both on and off the event.



What makes a plus-size formal dress different from a standard one?

Plus-size formal dresses are designed to fit and flatter women with larger bodies. They come in extended sizes and provide additional support, comfort, and style, enhancing the wearer’s confidence at formal events. They may also feature unique design element like cinched waists or empire lines to create a flattering silhouette.

The materials and construction used in plus-size formal dresses are also specifically created to offer durability, stretch, and breathability, which is important for extended wear at formal events. Additionally, these dresses often include features such as adjustable straps, hidden pockets, and flattering lining.


What are some popular styles of plus-size formal dresses?

The most popular styles of plus-size formal dresses include A-line, ball gown, mermaid, sheath, and trumpet styles. An A-line dress is fitted at the top and flares out below the waist, while a ball gown has a full skirt that extends down to the ground. A mermaid-style dress is fitted up to just below the knees, while a sheath dress is a body-conscious style that’s fitted at the waist and hips, and flares out at the bottom. A trumpet style has a full skirt that starts at the natural waistline and flares out at the knees. Each style is flattering for different body types.

Some dresses may also include intricate lace or beadwork, as well as luxurious fabrics like satin or chiffon to give them a more elegant and glamorous look. It’s essential to consider the occasion, personal style, and comfort while selecting the perfect plus-size formal dress. Many brands offer custom and made-to-measure options as well, ensuring a perfect fit and style.

Where can I find the best plus-size formal dresses?

You can find a wide variety of plus-size formal dresses at both brick-and-mortar and online retailers. Some popular brick-and-mortar stores for plus-size clothing include Torrid, Lane Bryant, and Ashley Stewart. These stores carry a diverse selection of formal dresses in extended sizes and with features like adjustable straps and hidden pockets.

Online shopping sites like Amazon, ASOS, and ModCloth also offer a vast array of plus-size formal dresses. Many online retailers have dedicated sections just for plus-size fashion, and they often feature customer reviews, size charts, and detailed product information to help you make an informed decision. Make sure to check the return policy before making a purchase to ensure your satisfaction.


Are there any tips for wearing plus-size formal dresses?

Yes, there are several tips for wearing plus-size formal dresses that can help you look and feel your best. Firstly, choose the right size and fit. Many plus-size dresses are designed with adjustable straps and lining to provide a comfortable and flattering fit. Don’t be afraid to size up or down to find the perfect fit. You can always take your dress to a seamstress to make adjustments if necessary.

Secondly, accessorize your dress to enhance its style. Adding statement jewelry, a clutch, or high-heeled shoes can instantly elevate the look of your dress. You should also consider your undergarments, as they can provide additional support and a sleeker silhouette. Wearing a high-waisted shapewear can help smooth out the waistline and provide a comfortable fit for your dress.

How can I take care of my plus-size formal dress?

Taking care of your plus-size formal dress is essential for maintaining its quality and longevity. Firstly, always refer to the dress’s care label for specific cleaning and drying instructions. Many formal dresses are made of delicate materials like satin or chiffon, so it’s crucial to handle them with care.

If your dress is not machine washable, you can spot clean it using a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Always air dry your dress to prevent any damage from heat and humidity. Storing your dress in a garment bag or a suit hanging case can also help protect it from dust, dirt, and environmental factors. Proper care of your plus-size formal dress will ensure that it looks great for years to come.

What are some alternative styles for plus-size formal dresses?

Although most formal dresses for plus-size women come in traditional styles, there are many alternative styles available. Some popular alternative styles include wrap dresses, jumpsuits, palazzo pants with a blouse, and even separates such as skirts and tops. These styles can provide a unique and contemporary look for a formal occasion, while still being comfortable and flattering.

When selecting an alternative style, make sure to consider the dress code and the event’s formality level. Wrap dresses and jumpsuits can be great for cocktail or semi-formal events, while separates can work for more relaxed occasions. Ensure that the alternative style complements your body shape and provides the right level of coverage and support for a formal event.

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